a firefox add-on for browsing flickr

Flickrfox lets you browse flickr photostreams in a sidebar in firefox. It makes managing groups, searching tags, and keeping up with your contacts easy, and it’s a fun way to explore flickr.

"How do I start Flickrfox?"

flickrfox toggle button Once you've installed Flickrfox and restarted your browser, you can start it by clicking on Tools and then Flickrfox in the browser menu. You can also add a button to Firefox to toggle it on and off. To do that, just right click on one of the icons in the toolbar and choose Customize. Then from the panel that opens, you can find the Flickrfox button and drag it out to your toolbar.

"Why does this site appear in my Flickr stats?"

When one of your contacts or Flickr friends is using Flickrfox, and they click through on a thumbnail in the sidebar, the Flickr photo page loads up and a referrer is set in your stats that points back to this page.

Rest assured that none of your photos are appearing here, and non-public photos can only be seen by the people you designate.

License and Status

Flickrfox is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1, and makes use of Joseph North’s beautiful Sweetie icon set.

Flickrfox is about 4 years old now, and I'm not actively developing it any longer. It's very likely that FlickrFox won't work with versions of Firefox beyond 3.5.


Click the button above to install Flickrfox 1.3. You can also install it from Mozilla's add-ons page.